TAP2009 “Art Fresh from the Farm” information

Toride Art Project
TAP TRAVEL “Art Fresh from the Farm”
has already started !

Dates: From 17th [Sat], October – 15th [Sun], November 2009. Open on Saturday, Sunday and Holiday.
Place: in Toride City and various other places, Ibaraki Prefecture.

Toride Art Project(TAP) organized two main programs biennially in Toride city since 1999.
One of the programs is producing of local artists and the public opening their studios.
TAP2009 bring out the underlying potential of art in Toride city, where numbers of artists live.

“Open Studio” program create opportunity to meet artist in their studios to feel their art closely and supporting relationship with people during the project and to integreat urban life with art-spots scattered in the city.
It’s the 6th round in 11 years, and this time the program include neighborhood Tone-town, opened 51 studios, 100 artists or more, the largest number since the start.

TAP Travel Tour
By Bus? On foot? as you like!
Would you like to join TAP TRAVEL tour?
We prepare Bus tour and teku-teku walking tour plan every day during TAP2009 for you.
(If you come with friend who speaks Japanese is better to enjoy travel more.)

Please come and join our Art Travel in fall.

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